Bring Your Knowledge to Rural Area

I just posted vacant position in one of mailing list and expected applicants to work in rural area. Years working in rural areas, I am aware that so many people had no interest to work in rural and remote areas and tend to work in urban or city.

As country with many provinces, Indonesian job seeker dominated more people with willingness to urban areas and semi urban areas where more of opportunities and development activities conducted. But in reality mostly rural areas need more better human resources.

What can we say, even government could not settle gap between rural and urban areas, for example in basic infrastructure where urban areas had better infrastructure then rural. It is need to develop strategy that basic infrastructure like a decent housing, sanitation, electricity, water, communication and transportation in rural ares as good as rural.

Development planning need to be more clearly define to make sure that whether urban and rural have a same quality of basic services.

Bringing knowledge to rural areas will be important to make sure that rural area will develop as good as urban. The different will be only in life style and environment but prosperity will be the same.


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