Poverty at Rural Areas

Paddy field – time stop here

In every travel that running through I used to take pictures and learning something through eyes.

Paddy field

This is also happen when I travel to West Java couple months ago. As a researcher and humanitarian worker I sometimes wonder and have a lots of question, some I received and answers but most still mystery and I need to learn more.

Fertile land in West Java

How could in fertile land like this poverty increased? How possible farming as economical based for this area could not increased live quality?

This time I take pictures of farmers along my trip from Sukabumi and Kuningan and wonder how could they living in ancient time with no progress and no support.

Related to poverty terminology, that most of farmers in this area categorized as poor group with income less than 2 USD per day. Related to quality of live I could see that most of them living with limited facility and access to clean water and facilities both in health and education.

I wonder how to expedite poverty reduction in rural area where all resources available. I am wonder that who will take a lead and develop suitable formula to solve the problem.

fish from wood-handy craft
“Tape” or fermented cassava as alternative livelihood
a lamp- handy craft from Sukabumi

Some of alternative livelihood in handcrafting and other industry could not be able to increased their income. Lack of access to market and no support from government are reason behind this.

Hope that sometimes this could be solve, even community could dig a mountain as marble miners, why there no one help to support them and make community at rural area out from poverty.

Marble hill

Let’s think about that and there will be light somewhere.


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