Photography: San Diego

This post part of latest post about my trip and what I learn from my trip. When I was arrived in San Diego at summer time in July 2015, I feel like arrived in one of city in tropical city. It’s rain when I was arrived but next couple days nice summer days with sun andContinue reading “Photography: San Diego”

Photography: Tips and What I Learn from My Trip

All photos taken during my trip to San Diego and Colorado. San Diego trip for participated in ESRI User Conference 2015 from July 20-24. Colorado trip for some training and also technical discussion for Development by Design approach. Leaving at nigh in Jakarta, I will arrived morning in Tokyo for layover. My plan to haveContinue reading “Photography: Tips and What I Learn from My Trip”

Poverty at Rural Areas

In every travel that running through I used to take pictures and learning something through eyes. This is also happen when I travel to West Java couple months ago. As a researcher and humanitarian worker I sometimes wonder and have a lots of question, some I received and answers but most still mystery and IContinue reading “Poverty at Rural Areas”