Photography: Jayapura Port

So many way to avoid dull moment in small city like Jayapura. I choose photography at current time, bored with Playstation and bunch of movies. Actually photography one of my late passion, travelling to several places enable me to see different situation, different view.

Jayapura port only a small port but with long history, during WW II Jayapura port was Base for US military.

Port of Jayapura, with long history from WW II

Jayapura port as important port to both cargo and people transport to and from Jayapura from another locations.


Jayapura is very much the result of the Second World War. Before the war the place was called Hollandia. What is now called Jayapura was then Hollandia Haven, while the real Hollandia, with the government offices, was Hollandia-Binnen, present-day Abepura. There were no good road connections between “Haven“ and “Binnen”. By 1940 the place had about 300 inhabitants. This was “the outer-end of the Dutch East-Indian Empire”.

After the successful invasion in April 1944 the Americans immediately saw the good use they could make of the two natural harbours, Tanah Merah Bay and the port of Jayapura (Hollandia Haven). The area became the basic Base for the attack on the Philippines and then on Japan . The rest of Indonesia was left under the control of, respectively, the Japanese Army (West Indonesia) and the Japanese Navy (East Indonesia ). Jayapura, stretching from Humboldt Bay till Denpapre on Tanah Merah Bay , came to have in the war all of a sudden some 170,000 inhabitants. Maybe never in history in such a short time such a large city has been created out of nothing. There were seven cinemas. The people were housed in Quonsets, build of such a good quality that after almost 60 years many still provide comfortable housing, as for instance on Pos Tujuh, Sentani, in Ifar Gunung and in Abepura.

When the Dutch returned to New Guinea in the wake of the Americans they established their headquarters at Kampung Harapan, about halfway between Sentani and Abepura. This was then named Kota NICA, the Netherlands Indies Civil Administration City. City was a very grand name for a place with some improvised buildings. Later the civil administration moved to Abepura, where the Governor build his “palace” out of the parts of the headquarters of  General Douglas MacArthur, which he had build on Ifar Gunung. The site of his house has a monument. This is situated in the compound of army barracks. (from:

Jayapura recently capital city of Papua Province, Indonesia with about 261.776 inhabitants, center of Jayapura start to be crowd city. Economic activities marked with many ships came to Jayapura city.

Cargo ships will unloading in Jayapura port

View from hills around Jayapura are amazing, just visit to one place you could capture tons of pictures.

View from Jayapura hill

Photography could be a very interesting to catch view in area with beautiful landscape like Jayapura port and Jayapura bay.

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