Photography: Tablanesu and Harleem White Sandy Beach

Imlek holiday give opportunity for me and other colleagues to visit Tablanesu and Harleem beach in Depapre region. Just 2.5 hours trip from Jayapura city by cars and continue 15 minutes by boat to Harleem beach.

I used this opportunity to learn more about photography, nice beach (honestly I kind of enough with beach and sea), and white sandy beach.

A boat in Tablanesu beach

Harleem beach actually in mainland, but no land access and this make me used boat to reach this beach. Actually this is a very nice beach, isolated and long white sand beach.

Harleem beach, white sandy beach, an alternative place for some of people Jayapura

Transportation by boat is the only choice we have to reach this Harleem beach. Boat will drop us and they will also pick us. Don’t worry they will keep promised to pick up in time you had mentioned.

Pick up boat

So many thing as object for photography, small thing like dead coral could be a beautiful shot with nice light and sandy beach background.

Dead coral in Harlem beach

Using Canon EOS 60D with 18-135mm IS lenses,  I think I need better lenses in the future.

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