Spatial Planning in Indonesia: where no planner found in remote area

I can not counting how many days since my last visit to all remote and isolated area in Indonesia… plenty. In every place I was visited I learn many things and also leaned very same thing. Same thing I learned was gap knowledge between urban and rural/remote area.

I area of planning/regional planning, I learned that huge gap in spatial planning, development planning in government. As a planner I also questioned ‘ where all planner go…?” Are they all in town ? Why they had no intention to visit rural area or remote area where development planning or spatial planning needed?

Can you imagined that even planning regulation such as regulation from ministry such as regulation no 16 about District Planning is a new knowledge when I give a presentation about that. Same with regulation no 54 year 2010 about development planning.

This could be an answer a question ‘ why development planning and or spatial planning walk with very slow progress?”.



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