Palm Oil in Indonesia: when expansion will stops?

Palm oil industry in Indonesia increased with significant number both related to areas that released for concessions and other follow up fact related to production and income generated from this sector. Since 2006 Indonesia became number one CPO exporter, more than Malaysia.Indonesia and Malaysia covered 83% oil palm production worldwide.   Increased oil palm inContinue reading “Palm Oil in Indonesia: when expansion will stops?”

Pengaruh Perkebunan Sawit terhadap Fungsi Ekosistem

Sebuah studi yang dilakukan oleh Dislich, et all (2016) dengan judul “Review of the ecosystem functions in oil palm plantations, using forests as a reference system” menampilkan mengenai dampak oil palm terhadap fungsi ekosistem. Secara detail hasil studi dapat dilihat di:¬† Terdapat 14 fungsi ekosistem menggunakan kategori de Groot (2010), dimana terdapat 11 fungsi ekosistemContinue reading “Pengaruh Perkebunan Sawit terhadap Fungsi Ekosistem”