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Newest East Kal Forest Status: More APL and HPK for oil palm

Anyone need spatial data on forest status in East Kalimantan, please follow this link and you could download shapefile format of the data.  As you can see from table and chart below, some additional areas designated for APL (read: … Continue reading

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Palm Oil in Indonesia: when expansion will stops?

Palm oil industry in Indonesia increased with significant number both related to areas that released for concessions and other follow up fact related to production and income generated from this sector. Since 2006 Indonesia became number one CPO exporter, more … Continue reading

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Menyelamatkan Sisa Hutan Kalimantan Yang Tersisa

Tiga peta di bawah ini menggambarkan bagaimana perubahan land cover hutan di Kalimantan Timur dan Kalimantan Utara. Paling kiri menunjukkan peta di tahun 1978, ditengahnya adalah peta tahun 2004 dan paling ujung adalah peta tahun 2025. Di Kalimantan timur diperkirakan sekitar … Continue reading

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Perubahan Hutan dan Peran Besar Pengolahan Citra Satelit

“The resulting map, released in 2013, shows how Earth’s forests changed between 2000 and 2013. “It is the first global assessment of forest change in which you can see the human impact,” said Masek. And the message is: People have … Continue reading

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Perencanaan Kota: Belajarlah dari Pengalaman

Perkembangan perkotaan di Indonesia sepertinya cenderung untuk meniru Jakarta, baik dari infrastruktur yang dibangun dan tentunya permasalahan yang ada.Kota-kota provinsi di Indonesia perlahan mulai merasakan permasalahan yang ada di Jakarta seperti kemacetan, banjir. “Urban planning is a key tool for … Continue reading

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